NYC Chapter of the American Guild of Organists
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    Operating Procedures
    Centennial Millennium Fund
    National Organization

Committees & Appointments

Program Committee
  James Kennerley, Chair jameskennerley (at)
  Stephen Buzard, Christopher Creaghan, Frank Crosio, Raymond Nagem, Alistair Reid, Benjamin Sheen, Keith S. Tóth, Emily Werne, Janet Yieh,
David Enlow, Dean
RCYO Competition Coordinator
  Chelsea Chen chelsealeachen (at)
Millennium Fund Trustees
  Keith S. Tóth, Chair agokeith (at)
Christopher Babcock, Louise Basbas, Chelsea Chen, Brian Regan
Newsletter Editor
  John Bishop john (at)
Advertising Coordinators
  Membership Directory Ads – David Enlow directoryads (at)
  Newsletter Ads – Kenneth Dake newsletterads (at)
Concert Calendar Editor
  Steven E. Lawson calendar (at)
Membership Directory Task Force
  Len Levasseur, Pre-press and graphic design
Larry J. Long, Registrar
AGO Exams Coordinator
  Benjamin Sheen bsheen (at)
Awards Committee
  James Kennerley jameskennerley (at)
Substitute List Coordinator
  Larry J. Long registrar (at)
  Steven E. Lawson, Webmaster webmaster (at)