Guardian Angel Catholic Church - Brooklyn, N.Y.
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Church of the Guardian Angel
(Roman Catholic)

2978 Ocean Parkway, near Neptune Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235

Organ Specifications:
Present building (since 1905)
• Rodgers Instruments electronic (2002)
• Rodgers Instruments electronic (1973)
I/7 George Jardine & Son, Op. 1019 (1890) – inst. (1921)
• unknown (1905)
First building (1880-1905)
• unknown

The Church of the Guardian Angel, the first Catholic society in Coney Island, was founded in 1880 by Bishop Loughlin as an out-mission. Services were held by the Rev. James McKiverkin, pastor, in a dance hall on West 3rd Street and Park Place until a permanent church was built. Two gentlemen living in Parkville granted a free lease on a plot of land on the west side of the Boulevard (now Neptune Avenue), about two hundred yards from the Coney Island Concourse. On this land was built a Gothic structure, 85 by 60 feet, that could accomodate 350 people in its pine pews with walnut trimmings. The completed structure was dedicated on July 18, 1880. Guardian Angel Mission was attended by St. Mary, Star of the Sea Church until 1888, when Rev. John J. Heffernan became pastor.

On December 1, 1900, Bishop McDonnell laid the cornerstone for the present church. Designed in the Gothic style, the building is constructed of red and gray brick with terra cotta trim, and measures 125 feet long by 65 feet wide, with a height of 75 feet. As originally designed, the facade was to include twin towers rising to a height of 175 feet but these were never realized. The completed church cost $65,000 and was dedicated on July 9, 1905, when a debt of $10,000 was paid. The former church building, which is behind the new, now serves as the Parish Hall.
George Jardine & Son
New York City – Opus 1019 (1890)
Mechanical action
1 manual, 9 stops, 7 ranks

This organ was originally built for an unidentified church in Islip, N.Y. It was rebuilt by Von Jenny in 1920 and installed in Guardian Angel Church in 1921.
Manual – 58 notes
  Open Diapason [TF]
  Clarionet Flute [TC]
  Flute [Boehm Flute]
  Stop Diap. Bass
  Flageolet [TC]
  Dulciana [TC]
    Octave Coupler  
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Illustration: Exterior.