1912 photo of St. James Protestant Episcopal Church - Brookly, N.Y. (credit: Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn Public Library)
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St. James Methodist Episcopal Church

2021 84th Street at 21st Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11214

St. James Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1900 to serve residents of Bensonhurt and Van Pelt Manor who had previously traveled some distance to the Benson Avenue M.E. Church. The Rev. Charles Everett Benedict, who was appointed pastor by the New York East Conference of the M.E. Church, held services in a private house until a permanent church could be built. The society purchased a plot of land, 200 by 100 feet, on 84th Street near 21st Avenue, and upon it erected a stone church building costing $19,500. The completed church was dedicated in services on October 14, 1900.

At an unknown time, the congregation merged or disbanded. The building no longer exists.

Hook & Hastings Co.
Boston, Mass. – Opus 1498 (1891)
moved by M. P. Möller (1911, Op. 1348) from Christ Epis., Greenburg, Pa.
Mechanical action
2 manuals, 7 stops, 7 ranks

The organ in St. James Methodist was a second-hand "Size No. 35" instrument originally built in 1891 by Hook & Hastings of Boston, for Christ Episcopal Church in Greenburg, Pa. At an unknown time, this organ became the property of M. P. Möller, who then sold it (as Op. 1348) to St. James. The following letter suggests several additions but it is not known if any were transacted.

St. James M.E. Church
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Rev. W. D. Beach
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Sir
          We will install in your church the Hook and Hastings organ formerly in service in the Epis. Church Greensburg [sic] Pa; consisting of eight speaking stops, four couplers and the usual accessories of a tracker organ with new casework of design and finish to match furnishings of the church, for a cost of Six Hundred ($600) Dollars. We can furnish and connect, a single phase A.C., 60 cycles Orgoblo that is nearly new for an additional cost of $135, exclusive of wiring. An Aeoline or an Echo Salicional can be added to the Swell organ including necessary alterations to swellbox for an additional cost of One Hundred and Thirty $130 Dollars for 46 pipes. 58 pipes would cost Two Hundred ($200) Dollars. A melodia can be added to the Great Organ for an additional cost of $100 for 46 pipes, or $175 for 58 pipes. All worn parts will be replaced with new ones and we will guarantee the organ for one year.
  Yours respectfully
     M. P. Moller Per
          C. S. Losh
Great Organ (Manual I) – 58 notes
  Open Diapason
Swell Organ (Manual II) – 58 notes, enclosed
  Viola [TC]
  Stop'd Diapason (w & m) [TC]
  Unison Bass (wood)
Pedal Organ – 27 notes
  Bourdon (wood)
Mechanical Registers
    Swell to Great Coupler, Unison   Balanced Swell Pedal
    Swell to Great Coupler, At Octaves   Blowing Lever at side
    Great to Pedal Coupler   Seat
    Swell to Pedal Coupler    
     "Large Sum of Money Raised," Brooklyn Eagle (Oct. 15, 1900).
     M.P. Möller Agreement (undated) to move Hook and Hastings organ formerly in the Episcopal Church,Greensburg, Pa. Courtesy Larry Trupiano.
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     Brooklyn Eagle (Oct. 5, 1900). Drawing of church.