St. John Reformed German Evangelical Lutheran Church - Brooklyn, N.Y. (BPL, 1946)
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St. John Reformed German Evangelical Lutheran Church

1624 84th Street near 16th Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11228

Organ Specifications:
Second building (1897-1975)
II/8 J.H. & C.S. Odell, Op. 349 (1897)
First building (c.1893-1897)
• unknown

St. John's Reformed German Evangelical Lutheran Church was established in 1888 by a society of Germans, and was officially incorporated in Van Pelt Manor in 1890. The first pastor was the Rev. Theodore Duensing, who conducted services in the YMCA Hall on Main Street. After two years, Pastor Duensing was succeeded by the Rev. A. Krause, who remained only until July 1893. Under the leadership of the third pastor, the Rev. Lewis Happ, the society purchased a small wooden building on Eighty-fourth Street that had been a district school. Pastor Happ created a building fund for a permanent edifice and, with much support from the women of the church, the fund grew rapidly. The wooden building was sold and moved by the purchaser, and construction began on the new edifice. Designed in the Gothic style, the brick structure featured a square tower to the right of the main entrance. The cornerstone was laid on July 18, 1897, and the completed church was dedicated on November 14, 1897, with services in German, and the following day, with services conducted in English.

On this site was located the original building (1700-1828) of the New Utrecht Reformed Dutch Church. That society's churchyard contained a cemetery that remains today.

In 1975, the congregation merged into Redeemer Lutheran Church, located at 939 83rd Street. The building was purchased by Metropolitan Baptist Church.
J.H. & C.S. Odell
Yonkers, N.Y. – Opus 349 (1897)
Mechanical action
2 manuals, 8 stops, 8 ranks

The Agreement (September 2, 1897) between J.H. & C.S. Odell and St. John's German Lutheran Church shows that this organ cost $1,500. The following specification was recorded (March 19, 1934) by Louis F. Mohr, proprietor of an organ service concern in the area. Mohr noted that the organ had an oak case with 21 front pipes in silver and gold, and was winded by a Kinetic blower. A note dated March 1939 states, "we connected a set of chimes they had – put them in Sw Box." Mohr also wrote that Odell overhauled the organ in 1947.

After the congregation merged with Redeemer Lutheran Church, the organ was moved, in 1976, by the Organ Clearing House (assisted by Larry Trupiano) to the Baptist Church, Andover, Mass.
Great Organ (Manual I) – 61 notes
  Open Diapason
  Stopped Diapason Bass
  Melodia (TC)
    Chimes (added 1936)  
Swell Organ (Manual II) – 61 notes, enclosed
  Rohr Flute
  Stopped Diapason (TC)
  Stopped Diapason Bass
Pedal Organ – 30 notes
Couplers ("4 Couplers")
    Great to Pedal   Swell to Great
    Swell to Pedal   Swell to Great Octaves?
Pedal Movements
    Balance Swell Pedal   Great Combination Pedal [piano]
    Great to Pedal Reversible   Great Combination Pedal [forte]
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